Concrete and Cement plant

Upscaling of Dusty plasma classification technology

  • Dry and completely closed system to separate fly ash into size fractions:
    • < 2.5 µm
    • 2.5 to 8 µm
    • 8 to 30 µm
    • > 30 µm
  • Ultrafine fraction aim to replace silica fume (used in high performance concrete)
  • Fine fractions can be used to improve particle packing, durability and sustainability of traditional and high performance concrete applications

Competitive advantage:

  • Lower energy consumption than currently available technologies ( ~40 kWh/t) by dusty plasma technology

Strategic importance for Europe

  • Securing supply of technically valuable raw materials at affordable costs
  • Unlock large quantity of secondary raw materials for more performant, more durable applications in construction
  • Contribution to the realization of a Circular economy by reducing wastage of resources and closing material loops
  • Technology can be extended to fine materials other than coal combustion fly ashes
  • Strengthening of EU equipment manufacturing industry
  • Strengthening of EU raw material processing industry