FLAME (Fly Ashes into Valuable MinErals)

  • 60% of 1 Gt/y of coal combustion fly ashes is landfilled
  • Often the quality of the fly ashes is too low to comply with construction material prescriptions
  • Classification into different particle size fractions makes recycling into products and raw materials for construction materials possible

About half of the globally produced fly ashes (ca. 1 Gt/y) produced as by-product of coal combustion cannot be used for further application and consequently needs to be dumped or landfilled. The produced fly ash does not meet specifications defined in the standards for the application in cement production or as an additive in concrete such as particle size or loss of ignition. The produced fly ash is not a uniform and consistent product as particle sizes can range from 0.2 to 500 ┬Ám. Only fractions of the produced and and until now landfilled fly ash would meet the specifications. Therefore classification and separation processes for fly ashes is a solution to make use of at least fractions of the fly ash which is currently landfilled.

The FLAME project wants to turn Fly Ashes into Valuable MinErals.